Make the move to a Modern Automation Solution


Representing a major capital investment, automation components, software, and systems are instrumental to the success of any manufacturing company. But no technology, regardless of how innovative, can last forever. To address product maturity without negatively impacting productivity, you need to rely on forward-looking suppliers who can help you modernize and prepare for the demands of tomorrow without compromising your ability to meet the requirements of today.

Why Modernize?

Demanding market conditions pose significant challenges. Across the enterprise and throughout the life-cycle, you must continuously strive for ways to leverage your existing automation investment. At the forefront are:
  • Improving Productivity with better asset utilization and system performance
  • Promoting Globalization with easy access to actionable, plant-wide information
  • Supporting Sustainability with extended product life-cycles and better asset utilization
  • Cultivating Innovation with increased system flexibility and technical risk mitigation

PLC-5 Controllers and 1771 I/O to ControlLogix™

Reasons to Convert to ControlLogix
  • Greater equipment utilization
  • More production flexibility and scalability
  • Higher performance
  • Access to plant-wide information
  • Increased integration for plant-wide control
  • Increased ability to meet global standards
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Reduced maintenance and energy costs
  • Reduce operations costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce spares for obsolete equipment

Modernize DCS - PlantPAx™

Reasons to switch to PlantPAx, the Modern DCS
  • Plant-wide control and optimization
  • Scalable and modular architecture
  • Secure, open, and information enabled technology
  • Flexible delivery and support paths
  • Support by a global network of local experts

Modernize SLC to CompactLogix™

Reasons to Modernize SLC
  • Minimizes risk and reduces labor time
    • Convert I/O without disturbing field wiring connections
    • Code conversion tools reduce time to rewrite controller program
  • Improves migration and planning using Integrated Architecture Builder tool
  • Supports various network topologies with the proven technology of EtherNet/IP

HMI Migration Solutions

Reasons to switch to FactoryTalk View Site Edition
  • Plant-wide control and optimization
  • Rich, reusable graphics and animation capabilities
  • Application edits can be automatically rolled out to a running system
  • System wide diagnostics
  • Extensive alarm capabilities
  • Historical and trending data at your fingertips
  • Make your HMI mobile

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