If it’s industrial lighting assistance you seek, look no further than Williams Supply. We have successfully implemented commercial lighting solutions for a wide range of customers for more than 67 years, including:

  • architects
  • engineers
  • electrical contractors
  • government agencies
  • security and service providers
  • commercial and industrial contractors
  • … more

We have the products you need from the electrical manufacturers you trust. Williams Supply offers:

  • fluorescent lighting
  • Fixtures:  HID, LED, vapor tight, incandescent, and quartz
  • indoor and outdoor application
  • emergency and exit lighting
  • recessed down lights
  • … much more!

Just take a look at our list of products and you’ll see that we firmly believe in quality merchandise for our customers and yours.

And our help doesn’t stop at product supply. Expect a skilled representative to walk you through every phase of your project — procurement, warehousing, delivery, project management and design.


Lighting Case Studies